- About The Brand -

Ingredient Commitment  & Philosophy


We think it just makes sense - don't put anything in your hair you wouldn't put on your skin or in your body. It's your crown, right? To keep your strands happy and in balance we are committed to using all natural ingredients, and nothing extra. In our products you will find zero artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, sulfates, parabens, or any other bad hair buzz words you've heard. We source our organic ingredients from the highest quality suppliers. Since we specialize in caring for locs, all of our products are build-up free and designed to fully penetrate your loc matrix. When Locspa was created there was one main goal in mind: Give people what they want and need. The hair care industry has not given us what we truly need to have thriving locs and as a result we've resorted to a lot of doing-it-ourselves. Well, we just did it for you.

Locspa is a spa treatment for your locs. it's everyday luxury. Loc care is a huge part of feeling good! 

How To Use Our Products


Some of our products come in a concentrated state that must be activated with water. This is for a few very cool reasons explained in our FAQ. To use our concentrated products, simply add the instructed amount of warm-hot water (we're talking tap water standards here, doesn't have to be boiling!), pop on the lid, and shake. You might need to give the product time to fully change in consistency, and cool down, as is the case with MUD WATA 2-in-1 Retwist Cream + Deep Hydration Mask. In order to maintain freshness, refrigerate after use. MUD WATA 2-in-1 keeps in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. Boom, that's it.