Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Locspa products concentrated?

Locspa products are concentrated for a few reasons. Locs are a matrix of hair, woven into itself. When you have any product for locs, especially shampoo for example, you need it to penetrate the loc matrix to be effective. Our products have a high final water content which allows the product to penetrate locs with minimal effort. Having a concentrated product with multiple refills also means you’re getting more for your money, because you'll no longer have to use half a bottle of product in one go. We got you. Lastly, no water means we are able to leave the preservatives out, while still allowing for product longevity!

2. How long do the products last?

Our only currently available product MUD WATA will last up to 3 weeks when properly refrigerated. When not in use, r e f r i g e r a t e. After 3 weeks, we recommend making a fresh batch to maintain the highest quality and product performance. Just to reiterate, if you don't refrigerate MUD WATA the product will definitely go bad and smell absolutely horrible. Irish Sea Moss starts to smell like rotten eggs when it turns.

3. What sets our products apart from other loc products on the market? 

Our products are formulated to work for your locs - so you won't have to struggle with product build-up and other common loc woes. Our products heal and restore your locs to their natural glory, alongside their functional use. They are 100% organic, with legitimately all natural ingredients. We have implemented our signature 'Just Add Wata' system which allows for a unique D.I.Y luxury experience, and greater product control tailored to you.

4. How are your products preservative free?

We are able to formulate preservative free products due to our unique oil-based, concentrated formulas. Bacteria and fungus need water to survive, so a lack of water eliminates the possibility of bacterial and fungal growth. By adding the water yourself, you are essentially making a fresh product every time. For the same reasons, once the product is activated, it can and will spoil over time and if not kept refrigerated. 

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